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May 16, 2021

You Should Date a Bicyclist Woman for These 10 Reasons

“Ten Points Why You Shouldn’t Dating a Motorist” by RideApart made me laugh. However, there was something in the sarcasm that made me feel. I’m not sure, guilty of laughing. If you read it again (which I recommend), you’ll notice that it’s a plea for help. First and foremost, the author uses the term “motorcyclist” to only refer to heterosexual male riders, implying that he’s either old or has been living under a rock. It would help if you didn’t laugh at these folks in any case. Second, the poor guy must be so depressed by non-riding females’ unreasonable expectations that he’s genuinely attempting to persuade them not to date him (and you, if you’re a heterosexual male who rides a motorcycle). That’s heartbreaking. Then he reveals his unique nasal mucosa condition, which allegedly affects a lot of heterosexual male motorcycle riders. Being a girl, I have no idea what he’s talking about; we don’t get “boogers.” In any case, the article made me think. Perhaps you bikers (males who ride motorbikes who are heterosexual) are hunting for love in all the wrong places. Maybe you might look for a woman who enjoys riding a motorcycle. Consider some less obvious

May 13, 2021

The World’s Sexiest Female Bikers (And Why We Love Them)

Women can’t ride‘ is a typical example of mansplaining. And we’re not rooting for it. Nothing was more liberating and sexier than a woman driving her car. In reality, there is a slew of female bikers who have swept the internet. Here are female bikers who are currently breaking barriers.

Katee Sackoff is number one.

Katee Sackoff is an actress and a bike enthusiast who is most known for her part in Battlestar Galactica. You can see her riding her custom-built motorcycle, the KL600R, which appears to be as adaptable as her personality. In reality, she had donated her Honda XL600R Enduro to the folks at Classified Moto, who requested that they experiment with it. As a result, the KL600R was born: a stunning machine that can be ridden without breaking a spine.

Why Do We Admire Her? She began cycling for a good cause. Katee founded the Acting Outlaws riders organization to raise awareness and funds for HIV and environmental causes by enlisting the support of motorcyclists.

The Hot Factor on AskMen: We can’t dismiss her achievements in horror films, as much as we’d like to boast about her wild social life. Oculus is our favorite!


May 8, 2021

The 10 Most Desirable Female Athletes in Sports

In which sport do the gorgeous female athletes compete? The Top 10 Sports with the Most Attractive Female Athletes has been assembled. Each of these sports has beautiful athletes in peak physical shape who make a living while also appearing stunning. These ladies have reached the height of their careers, professions, games in everything from basketball to ice skating to Tennis, and they’re attractive enough to adorn the pages of men’s magazines all across the world.

Some female sports attract attractive participants simply because they dress for competition. Like other sports that require little attire, such as figure skating and gymnastics, Tennis emphasizes the performers’ toned legs. However, the bikinis worn by beach volleyball players and attractive women competing in professional surfing are nothing compared to those worn by beach volleyball players and beautiful women competing in professional surfing.

Some sports, such as soccer, have a bevy of stunning opponents, with the world’s most beautiful female soccer players world’s sexiest athletes. Beautiful women are disguised beneath layers of clothing and safety gear in other sports, such as softball, snowboarding, auto racing, and ice hockey.

So, which sport, in your opinion, has the most attractive female athletes? Do you believe our

May 3, 2021

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ride a Motorcycle (Yeah, You)

It’s fine if riding a motorcycle isn’t for you. However, those who wish to delve into it should first perform some self-reflection, Motorcyclist blogger and videographer with a lifelong goal of promoting the joys of riding.

This article’s goal is to persuade you not to commute by bike.

Please bear with me.

I’d like to see a greater number of people riding motorcycles. I’d advise anyone, especially younger individuals, to think twice before slinging a leg over any bike with just an engine if they exhibit any of the following characteristics.

As a motorcycle instructor in California, I watch many students come over there every weekend, and if they’ll be able to survive long on a motorcycle—and this includes those who complete the basic safety course.

Anyone can improve their riding skills, and even the most reckless can learn to be more responsible, but consider this advice of someone who does this professionally: 

Motorcycling will not be for you if you have one or more of these characteristics and want to live a long time.

1. You’re a slacker when it comes to self-control.

Learning good technique and control is the most important aspect of riding a motorbike. Remember “The

May 3, 2021

Shifting the Power Balance

Why Are There More Women Riding Motorcycles, and How Is This Affecting Change?

Women are riding motorbikes in greater numbers for various reasons, including freedom, adventure, spiritual experience, confidence, independence, and community.

Debra Teplitz, 44, vowed three years ago to silence the voice in her head that stated, “Nice Jewish girls from Chicago’s North Shore don’t ride bikes.” Teplitz, like many other women in their 30s and beyond who are learning to ride, has overcome personal obstacles, societal stereotypes, and cultural expectations to embrace the freedom and independence of motorcycling. Learning to ride a motorcycle has sparked other long-awaited life changes for many female riders. Women on motorbikes are nothing new, even though their popularity is at an all-time high. We’ve been riding for a longer period than we’ve been voting. Despite this, there are now a lot more of us. In the Powersports business, women represent one of the fastest increasing populations.

Women Motorcyclists are Increasing in NumberEmbed Image

The Faces of Female Motorcycle Freedom: Why Women Ride

In her early 50s, Wendy Lamparelli was ready to purchase a bicycle. After her divorce in 2007. It had been a longstanding goal of hers. Lampanelli’s mother and children pleaded with

April 20, 2021

Guide to Sexy Drifting in Shanghai

Let’s start with the word “sexy wanderer” today. Katie Venugopal was the first to propose this idea (now Kathryn Hobbs). Before she met, she married, had children, and became an attractive skater mother. She and her friend Amanda came up with the clever idea of ​​staying single and drifting from one unusual city to another without wearing anything but bikinis. And flowing skirts, flirting and wandering with men, then slipping into their next catamaran to sail for the next voyage. It was my dream.

Katie and I discussed some of my recent dating problems the other day. However, as I began to reflect on the various benefits of singleness, the images of a beautiful beauty filled my head. “How come I didn’t take ownership of this?” I pondered the situation.

I thought, “Hell with the men,” as this conversation took place a few weeks before my spring vacation began. I will go to the charming city with my hot body, and it will be my best day ever! I said my position.

So I got a ticket to Shanghai and packed a suitcase full of nice clothes, twelve pairs of shoes, and my red lipstick. Then I floated around

April 5, 2021


A large number of adults, unfortunately, lack appropriate information about sex and sexuality in general. They can have meaningful sexual lives if they receive the proper training.

A lot of cultures regard sexuality to be a taboo topic to discuss. Even if it is slightly related to sex, any subject is not discussed publicly. At the most, friends might express their sexual experiences and concerns with one another in private, in whispers, when they are alone. It is said that this conspiracy of silence around sex has resulted in so many issues: People are preoccupied with several problems and anxieties. But they are hesitant to express them for fear of being regarded as “too curious” about “that” subject! He contributes to the emergence of puzzling views about sex during adolescence and the persistence of these ideas into adulthood.

Do you think this is implausible in any way? Check out some of the “sexpert” articles that you see in magazines and newspapers, and you’ll be shocked at the kinds of insecurities that people have about various aspects of their bodies and wants, as well as about their sexual orientation and their partner’s body, among other things. Within a short period, it

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