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May 3, 2021

Shifting the Power Balance

Why Are There More Women Riding Motorcycles, and How Is This Affecting Change?

Women are riding motorbikes in greater numbers for various reasons, including freedom, adventure, spiritual experience, confidence, independence, and community.

Debra Teplitz, 44, vowed three years ago to silence the voice in her head that stated, “Nice Jewish girls from Chicago’s North Shore don’t ride bikes.” Teplitz, like many other women in their 30s and beyond who are learning to ride, has overcome personal obstacles, societal stereotypes, and cultural expectations to embrace the freedom and independence of motorcycling. Learning to ride a motorcycle has sparked other long-awaited life changes for many female riders. Women on motorbikes are nothing new, even though their popularity is at an all-time high. We’ve been riding for a longer period than we’ve been voting. Despite this, there are now a lot more of us. In the Powersports business, women represent one of the fastest increasing populations.

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The Faces of Female Motorcycle Freedom: Why Women Ride

In her early 50s, Wendy Lamparelli was ready to purchase a bicycle. After her divorce in 2007. It had been a longstanding goal of hers. Lampanelli’s mother and children pleaded with

April 20, 2021

Guide to Sexy Drifting in Shanghai

Let’s start with the word “sexy wanderer” today. Katie Venugopal was the first to propose this idea (now Kathryn Hobbs). Before she met, she married, had children, and became an attractive skater mother. She and her friend Amanda came up with the clever idea of ​​staying single and drifting from one unusual city to another without wearing anything but bikinis. And flowing skirts, flirting and wandering with men, then slipping into their next catamaran to sail for the next voyage. It was my dream.

Katie and I discussed some of my recent dating problems the other day. However, as I began to reflect on the various benefits of singleness, the images of a beautiful beauty filled my head. “How come I didn’t take ownership of this?” I pondered the situation.

I thought, “Hell with the men,” as this conversation took place a few weeks before my spring vacation began. I will go to the charming city with my hot body, and it will be my best day ever! I said my position.

So I got a ticket to Shanghai and packed a suitcase full of nice clothes, twelve pairs of shoes, and my red lipstick. Then I floated around

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