April 20, 2021

Guide to Sexy Drifting in Shanghai

Let’s start with the word “sexy wanderer” today. Katie Venugopal was the first to propose this idea (now Kathryn Hobbs). Before she met, she married, had children, and became an attractive skater mother. She and her friend Amanda came up with the clever idea of ​​staying single and drifting from one unusual city to another without wearing anything but bikinis. And flowing skirts, flirting and wandering with men, then slipping into their next catamaran to sail for the next voyage. It was my dream.

Katie and I discussed some of my recent dating problems the other day. However, as I began to reflect on the various benefits of singleness, the images of a beautiful beauty filled my head. “How come I didn’t take ownership of this?” I pondered the situation.

I thought, “Hell with the men,” as this conversation took place a few weeks before my spring vacation began. I will go to the charming city with my hot body, and it will be my best day ever! I said my position.

So I got a ticket to Shanghai and packed a suitcase full of nice clothes, twelve pairs of shoes, and my red lipstick. Then I floated around the hot, sprawling city. Here is what happened:

Step 1: Choosing a hotel

You will want to stay in a hotel near some of the top restaurants in Shanghai. The French Concession, Jing’an, and Xintiandi hotels can be your best bet. Booking.com is your best friend in this situation. The batch size is the second condition for choosing the largest place to stay for your hot tour in Shanghai. You will want to use that water, add your favorite oils, and wash away any discomfort after wandering around the city on foot. Lastly, if you are traveling alone, consider staying somewhere where the hotel staff will see you and know you well enough to expect you to return home at night. You do not want to be lost in a strange city when you have been swept away, but if you do, you will want someone to have your WeChat and track where you are so that they can help the police if necessary.

Miju House has been selected as the winning auberge for this tour. Although the room is still sad now, it will soon be an Eau de must, equivalent to buying in Tarjay than Target. With its proper duvet and suitable cushions, the bed will make you feel like Goldilocks, and the big bathtub will transform into a sea of ​​summer evenings. You will book this guest house again, especially since the woman who works at the “front desk” is one of the most beautiful Shanghainese you have ever met. You will be able to describe your face without hesitation. If you ever need it. (Fact: many sexy drifters have a wild and terrifying idea; it comes with a place to be sexy.)

Step 2: Enjoy food (and shops) throughout the city.

You have passed the time and place to “control what you eat” in any fashion like food when you have become a sexy drifter. When he asks for fresh bread, a large slice of chocolate cake, and the second glass of wine at this free place to listen to your body than Weight Watchers, he replies, Yes, baby, you got it. And remember that when you are in Shanghai, your body will crave it. You’ll be able to go to Barbarian for a bespoke cocktail, Tacolicious Street Heat Fried Chicken and Steak Asado tacos, as well as Tres Perros for late-night tapas and red, red wine because you have carefully chosen the inn nearby. Of all good things. he eats.

Your SmartShanghai app will direct you to Egg to get a powerful peppermint latte and then the amazing Tom Yum soup at the Duli plant as you shop through the window up and down Fumin Road (then pull out your credit card to buy everything windows). Sexy drifter whims bring you directly to Spoiled Brat jewelry before dinner in Mercato, where you will unveil beautiful earrings. Once you put the earrings on, the woman you are building will say they have found their owner. And that’s it. You are for sale.

Step 3: Entering the world of art and culture

Your first stone touch with art and culture as a well-lit moonlight bookworm chooses the right book to read while drinking latte and wine throughout the journey. When We Were Orphans, by Kazuo Ishiguro, is a good decision made in London and Shanghai during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s; you will find a detective-style novel that adds to the city center. “That’s where he went now,” you’ll read in the morning one morning while sitting in a crowded boulevard, and you’ll get all the feeling. I went in search of true love. Maybe he’ll come and see. Who knows earth’s the South China Sea? Who knows, perhaps you will meet a traveler at the port or hotel. She has become romantic. “

Tsutaya Books in Columbia Circle, a collection of exotic history, is a popular destination in Shanghai.

This bookstore has a sensual text movement, especially as you walk under the rising moonlight, from the sloping door to the library walls to the cocktail club on the third floor, whether you are traveling alone or with a new friend.

It would be best if you were floating near The Bund one night. The building is stunning, and the lights reflecting the changing themes throughout the building are amazing. The evening at The Bund is busy, and because of the crowds and the city’s atmosphere, you get a good sense of how brilliant Shanghai is.

It’s also worth waking up in the morning to see for yourself on a day off at The Bund. Ships are starting to sail, and runners enjoy the tranquility of a quiet space all night long.

Jing’an Sculpture Park is ideal for sitting and reading a book later in the morning or the afternoon, surrounded by lush, bushy trees.

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