May 13, 2021

The World’s Sexiest Female Bikers (And Why We Love Them)

Women can’t ride‘ is a typical example of mansplaining. And we’re not rooting for it. Nothing was more liberating and sexier than a woman driving her car. In reality, there is a slew of female bikers who have swept the internet. Here are female bikers who are currently breaking barriers.

Katee Sackoff is number one.

Katee Sackoff is an actress and a bike enthusiast who is most known for her part in Battlestar Galactica. You can see her riding her custom-built motorcycle, the KL600R, which appears to be as adaptable as her personality. In reality, she had donated her Honda XL600R Enduro to the folks at Classified Moto, who requested that they experiment with it. As a result, the KL600R was born: a stunning machine that can be ridden without breaking a spine.

Why Do We Admire Her? She began cycling for a good cause. Katee founded the Acting Outlaws riders organization to raise awareness and funds for HIV and environmental causes by enlisting the support of motorcyclists.

The Hot Factor on AskMen: We can’t dismiss her achievements in horror films, as much as we’d like to boast about her wild social life. Oculus is our favorite!

Roshini Sharma is number two.

We couldn’t have such work without including Roshini Sharma. Against all obstacles, she becomes the first Indian woman to ride a motorcycle from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

Why do we adore her? she cautioned her not to travel via Central India, and she’ll have to pass through UP and MP, both of which have a history of violence against women. That didn’t stop her from visiting these two states because, after all, why not? She did have pepper spray on her person, but she never used it. Her achievement should serve as an encouragement to many people.

The Hot Factor on AskMen: In less than a lakh, she completed a 5453-kilometer excursion. Is it the same amount of money?

3. The color pink

She can’t overlook her striking and tomboyish style. She also has certain smoldering broodiness that she can only pull off when she’s spotted riding a bike.

Why Do We Admire Her? She’s never been embarrassed by people’s opinions of her extroverted personality.

Hot Factor on AskMen: If you’re not following Pink on Instagram, you should be aware that in her own right, she’s a badass.

Roshini Misbah is number four on the list.

In actual situations, Roshini is a badass rider who defies preconceptions by riding bikes while wearing her headscarf. This woman, known as the ‘hijab-rider,’ has shown that religion does not determine a woman’s fate in life.

Why Do We Admire Her? Roshini explained, “Women’s riding culture is still developing in India. When people see a motorcycle on the road, they frequently stop to see who is riding it.” So picture how people would react if a hijab-wearing woman were riding a bike. This lady has created her personality by defeating all barriers, and we admire her for it.

AskMen Hot Factor: She began riding at the age of 14. We’re grateful that his father encouraged her to continue biking.

Marisa Miller is number five.

Marissa has walked Victoria’s Secret runway before.

When she’s not working, she’s on a motorcycle, and for various reasons, she destroys it every time.

Why Do We Admire Her? Marissa Miller is as devoted to her Harley as her modeling career. That is what we refer to as “beauty on wheels.”

She’s our favorite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, according to AskMen. And you can’t stand the heat.

6. Manak Yashmeen Chauhan

Based on her appearance, Yasmeen appears to be a serious weightlifter and fitness enthusiast. However, she prefers to come (and depart) in style, riding her motorcycle like a pro.

Why Do We Admire Her? You can’t compete with her since she enjoys revving up her engine. And nothing, we repeat, nothing will be able to deter her from completing her life’s objectives.

Hot Factor on AskMen: Yashmeen from Delhi has fought her way to the top of the male-dominated bodybuilding business, from dealing with weight and acne concerns as a youngster to becoming a fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and motorcyclist. She’s even a two-time IBBFF gold medalist.

Maria Costello is number seven.

The British rider Guinness World Record is the quickest female to lap the Isle of Man TT race track. She’s a badass rider.

Why Do We Admire Her? She was born to be a horseback rider. Surprisingly, she discovered biking as a result of a bike accident. She bought a race bike with the compensation money. 

She’s won numerous Manx Grand Prix Silver Multiple copies and one TT Bronze Replica, according to AskMen.

8. Neharika Yadav, M.D.

Mutharika fixes people’s teeth when she’s at work, but when she’s not, you’ll most likely see her riding her bike. And you’d like it a lot.

Why Do We Admire Her? So, if she can easily reconcile her career and her passion, you can, too. That is your source of inspiration.

Hot Factor on AskMen: Have you ever met a young dentist who enjoys riding her motorcycle?

9. Otis Carre

Carre feels that style and motorcycles are inextricably linked. And when she’s on her bike, nothing can go wrong. Do you want to argue with me?

Why Do We Admire Her? She was well-known as a model. She is now widely recognized as an activist, novelist, fashion icon, and occasional biker. What is it about her that you don’t like?

Hot Factor on AskMen: She’s beyond sexy to control because she’s perfected her age.

Esha Gupta is number ten on the list.

She left her corporate job to go cruising on her motorcycle, covering over 30,000 kilometers with the sole purpose of strengthening that India is a pleasant place for women. Is it possible to beat that?

Why Do We Admire Her? It’s the reason – “I’d like to deliver a message to everyone who thinks India is a dangerous place for women: this is not the case. Having traveled widely alone, I categorically reject that line. That does not imply that I am confronting the criminals. It simply means that we, as a country, are so focused on the negative that we have forgotten that many positive and wonderful individuals will surround us. My solo journey is intended to shift people’s attention to the positivism and strength among our countrymen.”

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